The Hill County Democratic Party 

Our Team

Hill County Democratic County and Precinct Chairs.

Thom Hanson

County Chair


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Bruce Vieregge

Precinct 2 Chair

Princess Hughes

Precinct 3 Chair

Hill County Democratic County Precinct Chairs.

John Milburn

Precinct 6 Chair

Rosie Salinas

Precinct 8 Chair

Jay Freed

Precinct 10 Chair


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Our Team

Hill County Democratic County Precinct Chairs.

Larry Ward

Precinct 13 Chair


Kathy Montgomery

Precinct 21 Chair

Hill County Democratic County Precinct Chairs.

Cheri Cox

Precinct 22 Chair

Susan Cook

Precinct 23 Chair


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The official head of the Hill County Democratic Party is the County Chair, who is elected during the Democratic Primary every two years. The County Chair is responsible for developing the policies and goals on which the party will focus during the next election and beyond.  

The Hill County Democratic Party is a county-level organization that provides support for Democratic candidates and voters in Hill County. We work with the Texas Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee. The Texas Democratic Party supports local county parties and candidates all across Texas.

We are committed to expanding opportunity for every Hill County resident. That commitment is reflected in an agenda that emphasizes strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, open, honest and accountable government, and securing our nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties. If immigration reform, criminal justice reform, civil rights and liberties, equal pay, clean drinking water and clean air are important to you, vote Democratic!

SDEC 22:

State Democratic Executive Committee

If you have spent time working with the Hill County Democratic Party or attended an Executive Meeting, you probably have heard the term “SDEC” being mentioned. SDEC stands for State Democratic Executive Committee; it is a special body created by the Texas Democratic State Party and is separate from the Hill County Democratic Party. The State Democratic Executive Committee's mission is to: "Carry on the activities of the Party between State Conventions in compliance with the law and with the directives of the Convention."

The SDEC is composed of elected TDP officers, one female and one male representative from each of Texas' 31 Senate Districts (SDs), one female and one male representative from the Asian American Democrats, Coalition of Black Democrats, County Chairs Association, Democrats with Disabilities, Hispanic Caucus, Non-Urban/Ag Caucus, Stonewall Democrats, Texas Democratic Women (two female representatives), Texas Environmental Democrats and Texas Young Democrats. Democratic National Committee members also attend SDEC meetings.